Marco Bugatti (best years)

A pencil sketch I made for a giveaway in a comic/anime convention in my town. This my character Marco, from my “Tango” manga (currently being published in Mexico and Germany). I should do more traditional pencil shading, this was fun 😀

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s one for the fans of Tango Manga, the best semes in the universe in a fighting duel for your attention! Who will you choose?

Marco, smoking

Marco Bugatti, sexy dance teacher, having a smoke while casually posing. This illustration will become either a postcard or poster. We’ll see. 

New gallery for “Tango”

As I think I mentioned before in an old post, I’ve been working on a new project (sorta) of mine, which is …

Fanart: Ginko (Mushishi)

The main character from Mushishi series. I’ve been watching it recently and was inspired by Ginko’s laid back personality (and his cool …


Another Hellbent. I can’t get enough of the guy now…  I threw in a bunch of dirty filters to make it look …


A fanart that I’ve been wanting to draw for a long time now. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar …