The Artist.

Nickname: Lara Yokoshima
Born in: Mexico
Birthday: June 28

Influences: Wolfina, Tetsuya Nomura.
Admires: Wolfina, Shushushu Sakurai, Tada Yumi, Rae, Sawauchi Sachiyo, Yoji Shinkawa, Takehiko Inoue, Yasuhiro Nightow.

Born and raised in Mexico, Lara Yokoshima dreams of becoming a professional western yaoi mangaka. Previously she published a few one shots here and there, like RUSH magazine by DramaQueen, where she will serialized her first full manga story for her fans and yaoi lovers everywhere. Sadly the magazine stopped publishing, but the manga still continues as a web-comic.

Lara loves to draw, play video games and of course, read yaoi in her free time. Some of her hobbies are collecting figurines, art books, yaoi manga, scale modeling and tuning her car when she’s got the chance (and money!).


You may request a drawing from the artist, but it is possible she will just ignore it. You can however, commission the artist to do a special piece of work for you. More info on this can be found in the Commissions page.

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This website used to have a password to have access to all the hardcore galleries. Unfortunately, it was a hassle changing the password now and then, so I decided to turn it off.

Still, if I notice abuse of my website in the form of art theft, it will be put back again.

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