The manga found here can be read by almost anyone. Please remember the manga stories in here depict boy’s love with no graphic content whatsoever.

  • Project: Unigenitus

The entry for Tokyopop\'s pilot manga contest (that actually never had a winner...). This manga was a collaboration between Reginald Ting and me as the artist. The story, names and script are his, but all the character design, art and pages are mine. The manga was completed in 2008. The story is about a high-school regatta rower and his team. Herman, the captain, must deal with some issues that are breaking his team apart, as well as repressed feelings for Mar, one of his teammates. As if it weren\'t enough, his arch-nemesis (and former lover) Lawrence is making his life almost impossible.

Ryukiba -Yukue

An old story I once drew for a Polish magazine, about my two favorite Anubiset, Brayden and Liam. Now I post it here, for all of you to read. Hope you enjoy!

Meeting Again

Gabriel, a young and popular student, has always had a crush on Fernando, a basketball player back in his high school days. When they both encounter each other after a long time, Gabriel learns that he wasn't the only one desperately desiring to meet again.

First Love

One of the first yaoi mangas I did when I was younger. It's just random sex between the two main characters of my Project: Unigenitus story, Kenji and Eiji. I still want to share this, because honestly, it's one of my hottest manga. Enjoy!

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