Please read all the information below, and don’t forget to ask me if you have questions or doubts about the rules. When you have decided what you want, leave me a message with the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please be specific.

Detailed descriptions and characters bios are very important information I need to work on your commission; it will make it easier for me to understand what you want and I can work faster this way, which means your commission will be finished sooner. The more details you provide, the more accurate I’ll be when drawing it  :heh:

Payments must be done with Paypal. Please choose “Services” when it asks what kind of purchase it is.


Depending on complexity, these are the typical price ranges. I will ultimately select how much the commisioned piece will cost. I must receive a payment before I give the commisioned piece to the buyer.

Description Price (USD) Sample
Sketch $50-$58
Inks $58-$75
Color Illustration (simple) $80-$120
Color Illustration (complex) $140-$200
Character Sheet (b/w) $80 (+$15 with color)
Yaoi (hardcore) Included in price
*For more samples, visit any of my Art Commissions galleries

Quick Notes:

  • About character design – This commission includes the following only: full body shot (front  and back view) and two head shots as shown in the example. Extras, like the sword in the example, are charged separately, please ask. If there are any existing references of the character, you need to supply them; if not, send photographic or other drawn references to work on the character.
  • All my artwork is done in digital media. This means I use a tablet to draw directly into a painting software; there are no hard copies.
  • Remember the art commissions will be done in my own personal style. Do not ask me to change it to your favorite artist/manga/anime art style.
  • Only minor, reasonable changes can be made to sketches before finishing a commission. This applies also to sketch commissions that are not going to be inked/colored.
  • I require a down payment to start working on the commission.

*About commercial use: If you would like to request an illustration for commercial use, the price will be different from the Standard prices seen in the table above. Please request a quote for commercial use in a message.

I suggest you also read:

The Complete Guidelines

Contact me to get a quote.

Thank you!

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