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New gallery for “Tango”

As I think I mentioned before in an old post, I’ve been working on a new project (sorta) of mine, which is …

Presenting “Tango” issue 1

So, for the sake of my Mexican / Spanish speaking friends and fans, this post will be bilingual. ES: ¡Con mucho orgullo …

The site is back, hurray! I was actually wondering if it was fixed before the new page update scheduled for tomorrow. What … → April 7, 2013

Regatta -manga pilot

I just noticed I never uploaded this manga pilot, that was created for Tokyopop’s Pilot Program (a big fraud, by the way). …

Master! page today

Remember, updates every Monday! Here’s a small preview: Subscribe to the RSS feed so you won’t forget 🙂 Thanks for viewing!

New Master! page

A new page is available today! Please also subscribe to the news feed if you like the manga 🙂