Tutorials & Videos

Here you can find a variety of tutorials I created; I hope you find any of them useful to you! These tutorials are can be downloaded only in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Head & Face. Learn how to draw with good proportions the head and face of a character.

Human Body. Learn the proportions of the human body, and some tips on how to draw them correctly and make them look almost like the real thing. This tutorial includes the male and female guides to achieve close to real life drawings.

Hand & Feet. One of the most difficult things to draw. Here you will learn some basic proportions and tips on how to draw them more easily.

CG Coloring. Digital color! Basic techniques on how to color nicely with your good old computer.

  • Coloring with Corel Painter

Digital Manga. Learn a few techniques that will help improve your inking and screentoning.

  • Inking with ComicWorks

  • Screentones using Celsys Powertone3 plugin for Photoshop.

  • Gray tones to Halftones


The Making Of:

  • “Smiling Gently” (Backlight coloring)

  • “In my Sights” (DMC Dante fan art).


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