The Fallen from the Sky

This is the story of two Annunaki prince siblings, who share a forbidden love relationship in a warring world between two races that fight for survival.

Annunaki, a very ancient and technologically advanced race, arrived to a new planet almost all covered in water, and named it “Aquaterram” (the Earth). Prince Enki, heir to the Nibiru throne, pretends to fully use Aquaterram’s resources and try to maintain alive his native, agonizing planet using the gold found in Aquaterram; with the help of his older sister Ninmah, they have created a new hybrid race and use them as slaves: the humans. Against prince Enlil’s disgust against humans, Enki and Ninmah start a revolution that endangers the Annunaki race. Being a very jealous and ambicious Annunaki, Enlil will not doubt to destroy Enki’s beloved humans if that means having his beloved brother back.

A very deep and long story that involves passionate love, lust, incestual relationships, genetic manipulation and the use of sci-fi technology.

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