Annunaki -characters


Prince Enki

Lord of Water and Knowledge
Race: Annunaki
Age: 100,800 human years (28)
Element: Water
Height/weight: 1.88m / 93kg

Enki is the second son of King Anu of Nibiru, and the actual heir to the throne. When Annunaki arrived to Aquaterram (the Earth), he decided to create a new race, the humans, with the help of his sister Ninmah. Enki shares an incestuous relationship with his half brother, Enlil, who profoundly despises his brother’s new creation, the humans.


Prince Enlil

Lord of Fire and Command
Race: Annunaki
Age: 61,200 human years (17)
Element: Fire
Height/weight: 1.80m / 78kg

Enlil is the third son of King Anu, but was born as a bastard child outside the family circle. Yet, being one of the purest Annunaki, he was accepted into the family later on. Enlil is very greedy, and will do anything possible to steal power from his brother and lover, Enki. He calls humans an “abomination” and plans to destroy them against Enki’s will.


Princess Ninmah

Lady of Earth and Health
Race: Annunaki
Age: 111,600 human years (31)
Element: Earth
Height/weight: 1.73m / 60kg

Ninmah is the first born child of King Anu, but her passion for medical research made her reject her fate as true heir of the Nibiru throne. Yet, she is destined to marry Enki and reign as queen. Ninmah is kind and compassionate, but also a strong person that acts with diplomacy. She helped Enki create humans when they arrived to Aquaterram.

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