Awakening -characters


Akai Yasha

Dragon of Fire
  • Age: 529 years
  • Element: Fire
  • Height: 1.85m

Akai is the first Yasha Yoko awakens. His real name is unknown, but some say Yasha names are unpronounceable by humans. Akai is a wild, tenacious Yasha, that looks very serious at first, but his true behavior is that of a child. He is naturally curious, but also very stubborn; he’s also one of the youngest Yasha. He keeps a very close bond with Aoi, even though they are repelling elemental spirits.


Aoi Yasha

Dragon of Water

  • Age: 3807 years
  • Element: Water
  • Height: 1.86m

Aoi is the second Yasha to be awakened by Yoko. He is, unlike Akai, a very passive and well-mannered Yasha who likes meditation, arts and tea ceremonies. But when disturbed, he becomes one of the most lethal Yasha ever. He enjoys Akai’s company very much, acting like a caring father most of the time. Lately, he’s began feeling something more than just empathy for the fire dragon spirit…


Yoko Hashiba

  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 1.66m

Yoko is the girl who awakened both Akai and Aoi. She is a direct descendant of a very important Japanese lord back in the Sengoku period who previously owned the two Yasha. Yoko is a very quiet, kind girl, who enjoys painting. She has a friendship with Madoka, the only person that Yoko fully trusts. Yoko lives with her dad in New York City, USA, and her dream is to assist to a prestigious arts school. She still has family back in Hokkaido, Japan, where she goes visit Mount Tokachi in a trip with some of her friends.


Madoka Ito

  • Nationality: Japanese-American
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 1.71m

He is Yoko’s best friend and a consumated computer geek. Madoka attends the same highschool as Yoko and likes to spend time with her. Madoka likes to flirt with any pretty girl that crosses paths with him, and is known by his notorious ecchi-ness; but his only true love is Yoko, to whom he displays a lot of affection, sometimes just getting a punch in return. He likes being called “Matt” instead of Madoka most of the time (due to his Japanese name being a bit femenine).

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