Fan Fiction

In this page I’ll be putting all fan fiction written for me.  I will also be posting fan fiction of other fandoms writen for my website.

I don’t have much, but if you do like my characters and stories, feel free to share your love!


Project: Unigenitus

A Wet Dream 1 & 2, by CuB

Pleasurable Revenge, by CuB

Koibito Confusion, by CuB

Would You Let Me Kiss You?, by Casual Otaku

Prohibited Passion

NEW Prohibited Passion, the Story of the Quimaera – by Jason Sprenger

The Twins

Payment Due, by Wingless Demon

Other Fandoms

Different Beat (Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer x Zell), by Casual Otaku

Three Man (Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth x Zack x Cloud), by Casual Otaku

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