Koibito Confusion

Date: 6-23-03
Title: Koibito Confusion (Sequel to Pleasurable Revenge) (and starter base from manga of Lara’s)
Author: CuB
Pairings: Yamah x Eiji x Kenji x surprise (you are going to have to read it to find out who else is in this relation ship now! * giggles *), Kamoru x Nikolai (implied)
Warnings: Extreme Yaoi, Humor, Angst (mild, I don’t like to much angst… it sours the lemon XD)

Notes: I wanted to write a fic for Lara’s “Kibotio Confusion” manga that she is no longer working on. I liked the way it was going. So, here is the manga in text form, and how I would have like to see it end * giggles *


The morning sun soaked through the closed window shades. A young man stretches lazily on a King sized bed. He blinks slowly as he looks around the bed and room. “Kenji? Yamah?” he says as he gets up and dresses in a light lime colored tank top, and a pair of soft blue jean shorts. He walks toward the bedroom door, but as he opens it, two figures block his way. “Hm…” whispers the young man. The two figures walk into the bedroom, pushing the young man back to the bed. A tail platinum haired man moves to stand on the young man’s left side. While the other male, an ash blonde with blue eyes stands on the young man’s right.

The platinum man spoke first, “Eiji, Kenji and I have been talking. And we have to know who you like best.” He folds his arms over his tight black shirt. His muscles bunching through the thin shirt. He looks to the ash blonde man, “Right, Kenji?” he says softly, his eyes holding a hidden message from Eiji. Who was trembling on the bed.

Kenji nods slowly, his arms also folded across his chest, his soft blue button up shirt shifting with the movement coming from his arms and chest.

“Um…” whimpers Eiji. His eyes darting from Yamah to Kenji, and back again.

Yamah looks Eiji square in the eyes, a faint glare. “You gotta decide…” he starts, and then Kenji finishes for him.

“Which one of us…” he looks at Eiji through his bangs.

“Un?” whimpers Eiji, “Who me?”

“the MOST!” both Kenji and Yamah yell at the same moment.

Eiji looks shocked, like he just licked a 9V battery. He sweatdrops momentarily, then blurts out; “B..But why?” He looks them both over, Kenji un-crosses his arms. He drops his right arm to his side; his left moves to rest on his hip.

Kenji closes his eyes as he speaks to Eiji, “Well… I guess we both have the right to know, right Yamah?”

Yamah nods, his eyes closed as well, he says firmly: “Hai”

Eiji pulls his right hand to his lips; he moves them in a thinking gesture. He thinks a moment; he suddenly feels eyes on him.

As Yamah and Kenji get closer to the bed were Eiji sits, they say together, “So?!”

Eiji blinks and points both his index fingers together; he pushes the fingertips against the others, as he replies. “Etto… I like both of you… ”

“NANI?!” Kenji and Yamah say together. Eiji sweatdrops as they advances on him.

He points his left finger into the air by his head. His slightly long, yet short dark brown hair falling into his golden eyes. “Yeah… I mean, you Yamah have always been my soul mate since birth, besides you’re hot!” He then moves his hands to cup his own face, slightly rocking from side to side. “And you Kenji, well, you are so attractive and sexy and strong and…” his sentence was cut short as two bodies pounced his own. He moaned softly as one of their hands moved up and under his tank top. Two sets of mouths slid up and down his throat. Nipping and licking all the flesh they could reach.

“Just what I wanted to hear, what about you Yamah?” Kenji’s hand being the one under the tank, moves to pinch one of Eiji’s nipples. Feeling the body arch under their combined weight. He moves his mouth to nip at the skin right below Eiji’s right ear.

“Precisely what I wanted to hear as well.” He licks at Eiji’s slightly open mouth; he moves up a bit and kisses Eiji slowly, his tongue slipping through Eiji’s lips. Their tongues entwined with each other’s. Then he slowly pulled back from the kiss. He moves his head so he can look down at Eiji’s face. The lust and passion evident on his face, his eyes slightly glazed over. He licks his lips, as he bends down to lick at Eiji’s now exposed chest, he sees Kenji tossing the lime colored tank to the floor as he works on the buttons on Eiji’s shorts.

“Hmm… hahh!” gasps Eiji, his back arching, when Yamah places a firm kiss on his left nipple. He groans loudly as Kenji removes his shorts. He faintly hears the fabric hit the floor as a hot, wet mouth descends over his pulsating member. “KENJI!” he screams, his eyes wide as Kenji deep throats him. Yamah sucking on Eiji’s erect nipples.


All three of them, groan in annoyance as the doorbell rings. Pounding fists falling them shortly after they fade. Kenji gets up, picking up Eiji’s shirt from the floor and whipping his mouth with it. He leaves the room and walks down the hall, passed the bathroom and to the front door. He throws it open, “What the FUCK do you…” he stops suddenly, his eyes moving up and down the body of a man he once knew. “M…Mamoru?” He gasps, he looks up and down once more. He reaches his hand out and gently touches Mamoru’s shoulder. “It… It is you!” he smiles warmly and pulls the good doctor into a bear hug.

“Kenji?” gaps the good doctor. He pulls away from the hug, while holding onto his shoulders, he says, “I did not expect to see you. Particularly not here!” He says slowly. Looking over his shoulder, he notices Yamah.

“Doctor…” Yamah whispers. “What do you want?!” he growls. Moving further down the hall, his body shifting, black, bat-like wings forming from his back.

“I came to stop you from mating with Eiji! Where is he!?” he pushes passed Kenji, glaring at Yamah.

“Your too late, I have mated with Eiji,” He looks over Mamoru’s shoulder and at Kenji, a smirk on his features. “And I have mated with him as well.”

Mamoru’s jaw drops, he turns and looks at Kenji. “You… have… with…” unable to finish his sentence, Kenji moves forward.

“Yes, I have. I have also had sex with Eiji, if you’d like to know. And he is in the bedroom. Waiting for Yamah and I to finish what we started.” He crosses his arms over his chest. Yamah’s wings disappear as he too, crosses his arms over his chest.

“And if you don’t mind, we would like to finish.” Snarled Yamah, as he glares daggers at Mamoru’s turned head.

“What is going on here?” asks a voice behind Yamah. Eiji emerges from behind Yamah and looks at the doctor. He tilts his head to the side slightly, “You… look… like I should know you.” he whispers then looks at Yamah. “Who is this?” He zips up his shorts, which he threw on, when Yamah left.

“This would be our Doctor Mamoru Yamada. He was the one that… ” Yamah looks to the ceiling then back at Eiji. “Experimented on us.” he looks at Mamoru.

Mamoru hangs his head. He moves his hand into his coat pocket. He pulls out a clear disc case and holds it up to Yamah. “Take this, it’s all the data I could get from the computers after you burned most of the lab down.” Yamah takes the disc and sniffs it; he makes a face and tosses it to the couch.

“I don’t care about ‘data’ I care about my, MY Eiji, and Kenji. Not you, or your fucked up morals!” He glares at the other. His hand moves to Eiji’s shoulder, pulling him close.

“I did not mean to, bother you… hm… when… ” He blinks a second then turns to look at Kenji, “All three of you were in bed… together?” he gaps.

Kenji nods slowly, a notices the faint blush on Eiji’s fair skin. “Yep. I was surprised to find Yamah liking gentle sex, and Eiji to be rough and wild.” Both men blush at this. Yamah muttering something like ‘your dead, Kurumada, just you wait…’ he smiles wickedly at Yamah. Then turns to look into Mamoru’s soft brown eyes. “Does it bother you, that after you left I was able to move on?”

Again, Mamoru lowers his head in shame. “I… did not mean to up and leave you. I… I am sorry Kenji.” He turns and looks at Yamah and Eiji. “I am… also sorry, I should have done something. But I would have lost every thing!” he shrugs; a forced laugh comes from him. “Though I lost every thing anyways.” he sighs heavily. He gasps suddenly, his eyes going wide as a pair of strong arms warp about his upper body. And another body pressed flushed against his back. He groans loudly as he feels hardness press into his backside. “Ke…Kenji?” he moans.

“Hm-um.” he looks at Yamah from over Mamoru’s shoulder. “What do you say to another wet spot in the bed sheets?” he grins as Mamoru moans softly. He thrusts his hardness into his backside, making him whimper.

Yamah licks his lips, and then moves to lick at Eiji’s throat. “It’s been a while, a doc?” he sniggers as Mamoru’s eyes fallow Yamah’s tongue, as it slides up and down the side of Eiji’s throat. He moves his right hand down Eiji’s body, making him moan. He brings his hand to the front of Eiji’s shorts, rubbing against the bulge he finds there. Yamah thrusts his own hardness against Eiji’s lower back. “Wont really matter if there is another wet spot in the bed sheets, it’s your turn to change them this time anyways.” he smirks, at Kenji’s groan. “Though it did take you about a week to wash the last one assigned to you. Kept seeing you hugging and smelling it, pervert.” he laughs out loud as Kenji blushes. Something that never happens.

Kenji moves to kiss the side of Mamoru’s neck. “Well? What do you say doc? Care for… some fun?” he grins as Mamoru shivers visibly. “I’ll talk that as a yes.” He starts to push Mamoru forward. Yamah gets the idea, and drags Eiji to the bedroom. He pushes Eiji down to the bed, about the same time Kenji does to Mamoru. “Just relax. Heh, once you said that to me.” he smiles warmly at Mamoru, and giggles as he sees a soft pink tint Mamoru’s cheeks. “Lets loses a few layers, Yamah… Yamah!” he hisses at him. Watching as he is a few steps ahead of the other two, and is working Eiji’s erection with his mouth and hands.

“Nani? Can’t you see that I am busy?” he glares at Kenji, and takes a long lick from the base to the tip. Causing Eiji and Mamoru, who had been watching Yamah, to moan loudly.

“Help me undress him, he’s got to many friggin’ layers.” He pulls at Mamoru’s shoulders and slips his coat off his shoulders, he then moves his hands down to the button up shirt, but stops as he sees Yamah’s hands have already gotten most of the buttons undone. So instead he moves to the tan pants. He unbuttons them, then slowly slides the zipper down, careful to not catch his erection. “Just like the old days, eh’ Mamoru?” he licks his lips as he sees that Mamoru wears nothing under his pants.

“Ah… ahhh…” groans Eiji, as Yamah leaves Kenji to his fun, and returns to his own fun. He slips his lips over Eiji’s erection once more, causing him to arch his back sharply.

Mamoru moans loudly as he watches Yamah. Then gasps as he too, feels a wet mouth over his hard member. He looks down to see Kenji sucking on his cock head. He arches his back as Kenji’s left hand slides up and down his shaft. Kenji’s over hand moving up his chest. He moans as he feels a wet tongue lick at his throat, and then blinks. ‘Who…?’ he thinks to him self, and turns to see Eiji licking at his shoulder and neck.

This did not go unnoticed by the seme’s, they looked at each other, and then went back to their tasks. Yamah moves slightly to grab the tube of lubrication, and spreads some onto this fingers, he hands the tube to Kenji, who does the same. Kenji moves one slick finger to Mamoru’s tight entrance. Pulling a moan from him. Yamah copies him, as he enters a finger into Eiji’s always-tight opening. They both start to suck harder on the cocks in their mouths, as they work the tight holes. Making them lose to fit their large sizes.

Yamah pulls away from Eiji, “Turn over.” he motions for Eiji to turn onto his stomach then to move over Mamoru. Yamah moves forward a moment and licks at Eiji’s entrance, causing him to moan louder, and to arch his back. Yamah pulls back and licks his lips. “Delicious, like always.” He pushes Eiji’s head down level with Kenji’s. Yamah starts his prep again on Eiji, moving in two fingers.

Kenji moves his mouth from Mamoru’s dripping member, to place kisses over Eiji’s face. Eiji tears up, as Yamah slowly starts to enter him. The intense pleasure he feels causes his cock head to spurt pre-cum over Mamoru’s throat and face. Kenji hears Mamoru moan, then he moves back. He guides his throbbing member to Mamoru’s opening.

“AHhh… ahh!” Eiji and Mamoru moan in unison as they were taken. Eiji moves his head down to rest on Mamoru’s hip. His breathing coming in short pants. He moans as a bit of Mamoru’s pre-cum drops onto his hand. He lifts him self up a bit, and looks at Mamoru’s leaking erection. He licks his lips, and moves to lick at Mamoru’s cock head, only to gasp as he feels Mamoru doing to same to him. He takes the tip of Mamoru’s shaft into his mouth, and suck happily. This being his favorite position. To be taken, while sucking on a hard, dripping cock. Eiji moans around the cock in his mouth as Mamoru deep throats him to the hilt. Suction mild, his tongue working fast against the hard flesh.

“Mmm…” Groans Yamah, feeling Eiji shudder. He looks at Kenji, bending over Eiji’s back; Yamah presses his lips against Kenji’s. Kenji opens his mouth to Yamah’s tongue. Yamah starts to quicken his pace. His hands running up and down Eiji’s sweating back.

“Ahmm…” Moans Mamoru around his mouth full of cock. He shifts his legs so his feet rest against the bed. He then pushes up a bit, thrusting his cock deeper into Eiji’s waiting mouth. He groans in protest as Kenji grabs hold of his hips, but then moans around Eiji’s hard erection as Kenji starts to pound into him. He moves his left hand to cup Eiji’s sack. He moans loudly, sending vibrations through Eiji, as Kenji hits his sweet spot.

Breaking the kiss from Yamah, Kenji moves one hand from Mamoru’s hips to run through Eiji’s dark hair. He groans loudly as he feels his organism start to build. He looks into Yamah’s eyes. Yamah nods, and then slaps Eiji’s left ass cheek hard. While he thrusts harder into Eiji at the same moment.

Mamoru’s hard member slips from his lips as he screams his release into Mamoru’s waiting mouth. His walls clamping down on Yamah. Whom thrust a few more times, and stops, buried to the hilt as he fills Eiji of his passion.

Mamoru moans loudly as Eiji’s seed fills his mouth; his own seed splashes against Eiji’s face and neck. His body tensing as he feels Kenji shudder and thrust even harder. Soon a hot liquid heat fills his insides and he collapses back against the bed. Panting harshly.

Kenji and Yamah pull out of their mate’s carefully. And they both gather up Eiji and move him to lay next to Mamoru’s sated form. Then they both climb into bed, Yamah on Mamoru’s left, and Kenji on Eiji’s right. Eiji, never one for pillow talk, passes out the second his head hits the pillow, he snuggles up close against Mamoru’s right side. Mumbling in his sleep.

“So, doc, do you think I’m still a nuisance?” Sniggers Yamah. His hand rubbing at Mamoru’s chest, while Kenji does the same to Eiji’s side.

“Is this all you do?” he asks Yamah, in a breathless voice. His breathing slowly going back to normal.

“Actually, Eiji is seeing about getting me a job at the restaurant that he works at. Though I do like Kenji’s job offer more.” He nods, and then adds, “I also do the dishes.” He glares at Kenji, whom is sniggering.

“Re…Really? That’s good.” smiles Mamoru, having never seen Yamah like this. Finding in his heart that Yamah just wanted to be near Eiji, to be with him. And now that he has this, he is not demented. He… is almost human, Mamoru smiles at this.

“So… what are you going to do now, Mamoru-chan?” says Kenji, as he pulls the heavy blanket over their forms.

“I am… uncertain on this still. All I have thought about for the past couple of weeks were find Eiji and stop Yamah from mating with him. But I see now, that it is not so bad.” Mamoru, snuggles up close to Yamah, and starts to doze off.

Yamah shares a look with Kenji then places his head over Mamoru’s black hair. He runs his fingers through it idly, then starts to drift off as well.

Kenji, places a kiss against Eiji’s shoulder blades, then falls asleep as well.


A bit later…

“Eiji, I’m home, and I invited Niko to dinner… Eiji?” the young Yokoshima looks into the kitchen, then turns to look at Nikolai. “Hm… he must be at work still. Though it’s Sunday and he don’t work Sundays…” Kamoru shrugs and moves down the hall to his room. He passes his brother’s room, not seeing that the door was left open.

But Nikolai did. He slows and looks in, and then blushes hard as he runs quickly down the hall. He grabs Kamoru by the hand and pulls him back to his bother’s open door. “He is home…” he points to the four men in bed.

Kamoru blinks, then blush, then grins wickedly toward his shy friend. “They look comfy, how about you and I got get comfy too?” he giggles at Nikolai’s blush, still holding hands, they make their way to Kamoru’s room. In which is firmly closed and locked, just in case.


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