Payment Due

By Wingless Demon


Koji collapsed onto his bed, physically exhausted and sore from the events of his hectic day.

Akira stalked silently into the room few seconds later and made his way to the window. He took a moment to observe the quiet courtyard before tossing the remainder of his cigarette outside.

“I am glad that is over with,” he said tiredly.

Koji’s eyes widened with concern. “Do you think they’ll be okay?”

Akira smirked as he approached the blond. “Who cares,” he replied, “I helped them just as you asked, and now I think it is time for you to start repaying me…”

“Start repaying you?” Koji asked softly.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I am talking about,” Akira threatened as he approached the bed. “I guess I’ll just help myself.”

The dark haired boy pounced on the bed, tackling Koji onto the mattress and quickly pinning his arms down.

“No!” the blond yelped, “not now!”

Akira leaned down and silenced the protesting lips with his own, drawing forth a muffled moan from the blond. “Ha ha ha,” he chuckled, breaking the aggressive kiss, “you know I love it when you pretend that you don’t want it!”

Koji began to squirm when he felt Akira’s hands release his wrists and move down to the hem of his shirt. He shivered when the simple t-shirt was pulled over his head.

He could now feel the other boy’s warm hands roaming over his exposed chest, and despite his best efforts Koji could not deny thrill that Akira’s aggressiveness always seemed to provoke in him. “Akira,” he moaned, “please…”

“That’s it,” the older boy teased, “beg, plead, grovel; it makes it even sweeter.” He placed one of his hands between Koji’s legs and began to massage the growing bulge he found there.

“So hard already?” Akira asked with a wicked grin, “I have hardly even done anything.” He began to rub more insistently, deliberately stimulating the sensitive area and forcing a deep moan from the blonde’s throat. “You want it so badly don’t you?”

Koji clawed at the bed sheets in frustration but did not bother to offer any further resistance. “Yes. I… I do” he whispered, ashamed of himself.

Akira tore at the clasp of blonde’s pants and quickly forced them down his legs. A tight pair of white briefs was all that stood in his way now. He traced the outline of the Koji’s very obvious erection with one his fingers before reaching into the confining underwear.

“Oh god,” Koji whimpered, “stop… please…”

The dark haired boy did as he was asked, but only because he needed both of his arms free to rid himself of his own shirt. He quickly tossed the unwanted barrier aside and seized the waistband of Koji’s underwear.

“Hold still!” he commanded.

Koji closed his eyes, unable to watch as the other young man finished stripping him. He mumbled a soft protest when his briefs were suddenly torn from his body but he forced himself to remain still.

Akira smiled, satisfied by the sight of the completely unclothed body in front of him. “Open your legs,” he commanded as he leaned over Koji’s shivering form, “now!”

Slowly and somewhat hesitantly, Koji obeyed the demand. He covered his face with his hands, ashamed of what he was allowing Akira to do to him. The fact that his body seemed to enjoy situation only added to the humiliation.

“Ahhh…” the blond whined when his hands were forced away from his face and back down onto the mattress.

“Don’t move,” Akira warned him, “I want to see your face.” The older boy pressed down and captured the blonde’s lips with his own once again. He scrubbed at the roof of Koji’s mouth with his tongue as one of his hands sought out and found the neglected pole of fevered flesh between the other boy’s legs.

“Oh!” Koji cried out, breaking the kiss when he felt those hands on him again, “don’t… don’t stop!” He shook his head from side to side, struggling not to scream as Akira jerked him off.

The raven-haired boy snickered quietly at the reaction. He released the blonde’s now throbbing length and began removing the rest of his own clothes. Once unhindered by his garments, he would be free to do whatever he desired with the other teen.

Akira stood over the bed, slowly stroking his penis and working it to its full, erect length as Koji stared up at him with wide, hazel eyes. “Lift your legs up,” he said in low, husky voice, “and bend your knees…”

When the younger boy failed to cooperate, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“We are going to do this many more times,” he said, grabbing the blonde’s ankles, “so you might as well get used to it.”

Koji began panting as Akira bent his legs and forced his ass up off of the mattress. The position made him feel so exposed and vulnerable but it did nothing to diminish his arousal. Why do I let him do this to me? Why do I enjoy this?

Akira kneeled down onto the bed, scooting forward until the head of his hard cock just barely touched Koji’s puckered entrance. He draped the blonde’s knees over his shoulders, forcing the other boy to stay in the position.

Koji thrashed about on the mattress, doing everything he could to back away from the advancing young man.

The other boy would not allow it however, and wrapped his hand tightly around Koji’s manhood. “Going somewhere?” he chuckled, pulling the sensitive limb in his hand much harder than necessary “I am going to have to fuck you even harder now!”

He loosened his grip on the blonde’s penis, and gave it a few gentle strokes until Koji started to settle down. He then repositioned his erection in front of the younger man’s entrance and slowly began to press forward.

“Gah!” Koji choked when the hard lance of flesh penetrated him. He fought back a tear as the tight walls of his passage were stretched apart to make room for Akira’s cock. His previous encounters with the arrogant young man did not seem to be making this any easier for him.

“Still so tight,” Akira whispered between labored breaths, “if you are like this every time, I will never get bored of it.” He slowly pushed his way further into the warm cavity, fighting the urge to just roll his hips and completely bury himself in the tight heat with one violent thrust.

Koji was lost in feeling of being joined with Akira once again. He let out a long, drawn out moan when other youth pulled out and suddenly jerked back into him. When Akira slowly began to repeat the action, Koji bit down on his tongue to keep himself silent.

“Ha ha,” Akira laughed weakly as he continued to slide his way in an out of the blonde’s ass, “you won’t… uhn… won’t even give me the satisfaction of hearing you scream.” He snapped his hips forward, forcefully jabbing his hard member into the tight passage and causing the other boy to suddenly cry out.

“Gah!” Koji shrieked at the sudden, fierce movement, “nn… not that hard!”

But Akira ignored the request, and within minutes he was repeatedly slamming into to the trembling body beneath him. The sound of flesh striking flesh and soft moans filled the room as both of the young men became completely immersed in the act.

The black-haired boy’s breath soon became labored and erratic. He felt a tightening in his loins and knew that he would reach his peak in a matter of moments. Determined to send the other youth over the edge first, Akira reached down and began pumping Koji’s erection in rhythm with his aggressive thrusting.

Just the touch itself seemed to be too much for the blond however, and almost immediately he was crying out, warning of his release. “I… I’m coming!”

Koji threw his head back onto the mattress and blew his load all over Akira’s hand. His body seemed to go numb during his climax, and all he could do was gasp when he felt Akira’s warmth exploding inside of him.

“Uhnn,” Akira grunted loudly, jarring his hips forward one last time and emptying his passion into the unresponsive body below him. “Yessss,” he purred in a hoarse voice, “hnnn… even better than before.”

The young man on the bed offered no response, and pulled a bed sheet over his naked frame once black haired youth finally withdrew from him.

“Ha!” Akira snickered, “a little late for modesty now isn’t it?”

“I repaid you,” Koji said softly, averting his eyes from the naked teen standing over him, “I hope you are satisfied.”

Akira dropped down onto the bed next to the blond, smiling when he noticed the other boy tense as his closeness. “Satisfied?” he taunted Koji as he slipped his legs under the sheet “we are going to have to fuck many, many more times before I’m even close to being satisfied.”

He grabbed Koji’s chin, forcing the younger man to face him. The blonde’s face became flushed and his eyes darted around nervously when as he was held under Akira’s hungry stare.

“And…” the dark haired boy said with a devious smile, “I don’t plan on wasting too much time doing anything else.”


The End!

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