Prohibited Passion, the Story of the Quimaera

by Jason Sprenger



In a distant future, the unstable and restless Earth unleashed a great fury in a series of powerful earthquakes which caused the west coast to separate from the rest of the US. Most humans in the area fled knowing the quakes were coming, but some remained, putting faith in the greatly advanced technology and structural engineering of the future to keep them safe. Most of the strongest structures remained intact. The few humans who remained on this newly formed island quickly rebuilt and started their own civilization in which they created a new sentient humanoid race to be their devoted servants, which they called the Quimaera. Being a mix of human and animal genes, the Quimaera are divided into three species: the Anubiset, strong and loyal, were developed from canine DNA to be forever the keepers of their human masters; the Bastit, created from feline DNA to be man’s sex toys and maids; and the Skemit, a hybrid new species that evolved on its own.

Civilization quickly took off in the time it took to create and perfect the Quimaera. The Anubiset were all created male, but the Bastit were created male and female to quell different human needs. They were created in laboratories in a remote location in what used to be central Washington. The breeders had several caretakers to watch over them through their childhood years and educate them to make sure they would grow up to serve their purposes well. When the Bastits were old enough, they were transported to different Bastit houses along what used to be the west coast of the US where they would live and give their services to those who were rich enough to pay for them. However, things eventually took a terrible turn. The Bastits were created as sex slaves and to make money for their breeders, but not all of them liked their jobs. The breeders weren’t always kind and neither were the humans they were rented or sold to. Fed up with the abuse they were receiving from humans, a group of older Bastits at the house in the north got together and attacked the breeders with some knives they found after breaking into the kitchen. A few of the breeders were even killed. The rebels then broke into the breeders’ records to find the locations of the other houses. They then fled, taking refuge in the mountains that had formed to the west of the island where they began breeding on their own, creating a new wild species of cat-human hybrid, called the Skemit. They became thieves, pillaging wherever they could to find food and weapons. Being part cat, Bastits had all the strength, senses, and agility of a cat, they just didn’t know it because they were supposed to be submissive creatures. But after the group of Bastits who rebelled fled, they began becoming more and more aware of their full abilities, wilder, and angrier at humans. Word of the attack spread to all the Bastit houses. After the group of Bastits went wild, they were deemed a threat to mankind and were sentenced to extermination at the hand, or sword, of the ever loyal Anubiset. The story begins just after the attack with a young Bastit named Kejehara who witnessed it wondering what had happened and fearing that this group would return and attack again. Little did he know, the group was growing much larger, and his nightmares would one day come true.

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