*This story was being printed in the Rush Anthology, by DramaQueen, but you can now visit its official website, where you can read it for free!

Shimazu Sho, a Japanese medical student currently living in London, has an interesting secret: he is the owner of a zoomorphic creature, a boy with dog like features called Kin.

How could this happen? In a world where magic is not fantasy, anything is possible.

Thanks to a misshaped magical spell Sho used to cure the agonizing Golden Retriever dog, he must now deal with his zoomorphic Kin, while he searches for a way to return the poor creature to his original form. But nothing goes to plan for Sho, when he begins to develop a special “relationship” with his this most unusual of pets.

Magic, wizards, sexy villains, handsome guardians and mysterious creatures abound as Sho and Kin step into the adventure of their lives.

  • Pairings: Sho x Kin, maybe others.
  • Author: Lara Yokoshima
  • Rating: PG13 – NC17

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