Prohibited Passion

In a distant future, the whims of man to tamper and play with Nature took a heretic turn. Cats have become human in form, controlled genetically to achieve purity and perfection. Evania represents this perfection in breeding, his white skin and white fur denotes him as the finest among the purest of his species, the Bastit. Isha is an outskirts rebel and a street thief: a Sekmit, an impure breed, fruit of an “unauthorized union”. In a world where destiny had forsaken them, love found its way.

  • Pairings: Isha x Evania (main), Silver Bastit x Galen
  • Author: Lara Yokoshima
  • Rating: PG to NC-17
  • See character list


  1. Intruder
  2. Tragic Destiny
  3. Black Paradise
  4. Ironic Alternative
  5. Do You Have a Plan?
  6. Vision of a Friendship
  7. Friends or Foes?
  8. Because I Like You
  9. The Man and The Bastit
  10. Youthful Hope
  11. A Friendly Hand


  • Memories
  • We Meet Again
  • Guardians
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