Project: Unigenitus

Eiji Yokoshima is an 19 year-old orphan boy who lives with his brother Kamuro in a terrible neighborhood. But one day his life will change forever, when he meets the attractive karate sensei Kenji Kurumada, a fine young man that immediately falls for the introverted Eiji.

One thing people don’t know is Eiji’s abusive, dark past, one that has made him a person who cannot believe in love anymore. Who is this Yamah character that continuously haunts him, and why does he try to get Eiji “back to him” once again? What are the Nephillim and how does Eiji relate to them? In this story about the paranormal, ethereal beings come into play and not all of them have good intentions for our young protagonist… and the world itself.

Author’s note: This is my very first yaoi novel, which I’m very fond of it; that’s why I’m trying to make it perfect, so one day I will publish it in manga format for all of you to read. For now, it will remain in the projects section of my writings.
  • Pairings: Kenji x Eiji, Kamuro + Nikolai, Yamah x Eiji, some Mamoru + Yamah
  • Author: Lara Yokoshima
  • Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
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