The Twins

How Yamah and Eiji’s life would have been if they had grown as normal teenagers? Would fate have been the same and torn their paths away? and if so… how will they try to reach for each other? Find out in this new story, where Yamah is a disturbed 17-year-old boy, until he meets Eiji Yokoshima, a new student at the Nephillim Private High School for boys only, that makes our lonely main protagonist question about this ‘relationship’ with his newly found friend.


  1. Ask for Answers
  2. Second Sight
  3. Don’t Sleep
  4. English Summer Rain
  5. Something Rotten
  6. Days Before You Came
  7. Spite & Malice
  8. Teenage Angst
  9. Special Needs
  10. Passive, Agressive
  11. You Don’t Care About Us
  12. Without You I’m Nothing
  13. This Picture
  14. I Know
  15. I’ll Be Yours
  16. Protect Me From What I Want
  17. Black Market Blood
  18. Come Home
  19. Farewell
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