The Artist.

Nickname: Lara Yokoshima
Nationality: Mexican
Birthday: June 28

Influences: Wolfina, Tetsuya Nomura.
Admires: Wolfina, Shushushu Sakurai, Tada Yumi, Sawauchi Sachiyo, Takehiko Inoue, Yasuhiro Nightow.

Born and raised in Mexico, Lara Yokoshima dreams of becoming a professional western yaoi mangaka. Previously she published a few one shots here and there, but her most important work, named “Master!”, was being serialized in DramaQueen’s RUSH. Sadly, the magazine stopped publishing in 2008…


After some time of thinking about it, Lara decided to publish the manga online in her official website. Now, the “Master!” story has it’s own place here, where the story will continue and new pages and chapters will be added. For free!

New pages will be published every Monday.


About the Manga

“Shimazu Sho, a Japanese medicine student currently living in London, has an interesting secret: he is the owner of a zoomorphic creature, a boy with dog like features called Kin. How could this happen? In a world where magic is not fantasy, anything is possible. Magic spells, wizards, sexy villains, handsome guardians and mysterious creatures abound as Sho and Kin step into the adventure of their lives.”

Author’s note: The content of these stories may be very graphic and should not be read by any under aged or immature person. Please refrain from taking these manga and publish them in other websites. A link back would be much better.

Do not send hate emails or complain if you don’t like what you see! You are responsible for your own viewing. But if you love it, remember to share with your friends :)

  • Ceary Auryn

    I love some of the works of Inoue-sensei and Sawauchi-sensei! ^_^

  • Tuyuq

    About how often do you update?

  • Fuyu

    I found this series by chance and I think it totally deserves a lot more recognition ^^. I really enjoy reading it