Group selfie (Shimazu brothers edition)

Oh wow, it’s really been a while since I drew something for myself and of my original characters. Since the “Master!” manga is doing well so far, I decided to do this illustration, featuring two new characters! They’re Sho’s bros, Reizo-aniki and Yukio-otouto-chan!


Yukio (to the left) is the youngest and wildest as you can see. Reizo (to the right) is the eldest and more serious brother, a hot megane-danshi if you ask me. Sho is just… Sho. But hey, at least he’s trying to smile! I imagined this group selfie would be posted on Yukio’s FB profile… :P

Here’s also the lone picture:


A new character appears!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the story so far. New characters are appearing, and today I show you one of them in the new page. In the following pages, you’ll know more about Sho’s family and past, so please stay tunned!

Don’t forget to leave comments, I love reading them and they help me a lot when working on new pages. Thanks for reading my story!

Keeping up with the weekly delivery

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to announce there is a new page this Sunday for you to read and hopefully enjoy. Seems I am doing a good job so far with the weekly updates, and I’m proud. I had a minor set back last week, but I think I am able to keep up. Somehow it feels harder to draw, ink and screentone pages than in the past, when I was able to work on 3 daily! I miss my youth energy ;_;

Anyway, please read the new page, and if don’t be afraid to leave any comments. I love reading them :)

New page this morning, and probably new page tonight.

Hi, dear readers!

A new page has been posted this morning, hurray! Also, because I couldn’t update the manga last weekend, I will probably upload another page tonight (or tomorrow, depending). Just to show I do care about it, I don’t want to miss a single weekend now.

I am also very excited since I recently got Manga Studio EX 5, so the next page will be worked on the new version, which looks far easier to use and with a much better interface.

Hope you are enjoying the story so far. It will get more exciting in the next pages, I promise! :D

Sorry, no page this Sunday.


Hello guys! This Sunday there was no new manga page sadly… I had a ton of things to do and family came visit for the weekend, so I had zero time to take care of the new page…

Next Sunday I’ll post two pages to make it up to you. Again, sorry! :(