shimazu sho

Shimazu Sho

Nationality: Japanese
Age: 21
Likes: Reading, ice cream and Kin.
Dislikes: Jokers, hypocrisy, annoying girls and all that magic mumbo-jumbo.

Sho is a young Japanese student living in London, England. He arrived there a few years ago on his own to go to Medical School at St. Thomas Hospital, against his father’s wishes to remain home and prepare to fulfill his destiny: to become the next head of their family. A family of wizards.  He is the middle brother of 3, and the one with the most silent, cold and proud personality of them all. Sho lives in a small apartment with Kin, his well kept secret.


Nationality: English?
Age: 2 1/2 years (about 17 human years)
Likes: Playing ball, milk, snacks and his master.
Dislikes: clothing, being alone.

Kin is Sho’s unusual pet. Once a stray dog wandering the streets of London, Kin meets Sho when he accidentally falls into an icy pond trying to grab a rubber ball. In order to cure him, Sho casts a wrong magicall spell on him, turning him into a half-dog, half-human being. Kin is a very cheerful boy, who enjoys playing around naked and always trying to satisfy his master.

Cole Callahan

Nationality: Scottish
Age: 32
Likes:  Flirting with the ladies, comfortable clothing, righteousness.
Dislikes: Injustice, untruthful people, abuse of power and people with no sense of humor.

Cole is a tranquil, easy going person, and also an infamous ladies man. He is a good adviser and somebody you can count on when needed. For Sho, he’s just another annoying man, but later he discovers he can rely con Cole more than anybody else. Cole is rather mysterious, and his true intentions with Sho are still unknown.



Azure Erwyn

Nationality: Welsh
Age: 28
Likes: Gothic fashion, luxury, being pampered.
Dislikes:  Rude people, and “ugly” things.

Azure is the only daughter of a very wealthy and influential man in London, who has a very mysterious lifestyle. She enjoys the luxuries of life and most of her wishes are granted without questioning. But Azure also has an evil, hidden agenda. She is a powerful witch and hates the fact they must remain hidden from regular humans, as she considers them to be weak low lives; she plans on stealing Sho’s “mana” and submit humans by the power of magic.



Kazuyoshi Kohaku

Nationality: Japanese
Age: 21
Likes: Teasing Sho, punk music, clove cigarettes.
Dislikes: Responsibility and sweet food.

Kohaku is Sho’s only friend in London. Unlike his cold tempered mate, Kohaku is more extroverted; he also loves teasing Sho, always trying to get his attention, since he’s got a huge crush on his male buddy. Unknown to many, Kohaku is actually the son of a Yakuza boss; he never liked that lifestyle, so he moved to London to seek “freedom”, while still being economically dependent of his family. Also, his real name is Gonbei, which he hates with a passion and always introduces himself as “Kohaku”. Only Sho knows his secret.

D.I. Brad S. Shen

Nationality: Brittish Chinese
Age: 30
Likes: His beautiful body, his beautiful face, his beautiful hair… and weapons. He is in love with his Sig Sauer P226 pistol.
Dislikes: Guys that might be better looking than him, his old Mini car and filling reports.

Shen is a Detective Inspector working at the Metropolitan Police in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Proud of his handsome looks, he won’t think twice on using his charms to get something he wants. He’s not very smart, yet he has proven to have some skills in the investigation field, but his quick rising through the ranks has raised some doubts on “how he did it”. He has a partner, Detective Constable James Portsmith, whom he likes to verbally abuse all the time, leaving him all the paperwork to finish on his own. He likes to “swing both ways”, but prefers men. The “S” in his name stands for Shun-yuan, his Chinese name.

D.C. James Portsmith

Nationality: English
Age: 28
Likes: His job, reading, tidiness and… Shen.
Dislikes: Rude, irresponsible people, his own shyness.

James is Shen’s partner at the Metropolitan Police in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). He can be considered a very intelligent and autodidact person, yet he lacks will and firmness in his every day life’s decisions, which makes him a perfect target for Shen’s verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse. He is usually very tolerant to his partner, mostly because he has this inexplicable love crush on Shen, even tho he’s the kind of person he dislikes the most. Yet, James cannot help but to admire Shen’s motivation to see a case solved by all means necessary.

Shimazu Masahiro

Nationality: Japanese
Age: 55

Sho’s father. He’s a very important wizard in the Phoenix Wizard Council, a large wizard global organization, and also the head of the healing wizards from Japan. Not much is known yet, but he worries for his son Sho a lot, so much that he sent his personal guardian to protect him from harm.

More to come!

  • Ceary Auryn

    I love your extensive list of characters so far! They are all unique :)

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    I love Kohaku’s character so much already @ u @ <3 He's meh baby!