A small collection of art I’ve done over the years of this story. I will be just putting up the finished illustrations I like the most  :smile:

  • Ceary Auryn

    OH my gosh… such amazing pictures! I love your work!

  • This gallery is just so hot and sexy.
    Master needs nore attention online. Good to see you’re advertising on some sites. Hope that will get you more readers. This story deserves it.

    • Thank you, so glad you enjoy this website, it’s made for you guys :)
      If you have suggestions to help advertise this comic, please let me know.

      • Besides advertising, update on SmackJeeves again. That will give this some exposure and bring ‘old’ fans back.

        Other than that, I would suggest trying to get it advertised on Teahouse, Starfighter, Purpurea Noxa and The young protectors (yaoi911) right now. There’ seem to be a lot of the same crowd circling those comics and they’ll share recommendations for comics they read besides those.

        There’s a lot of usernames I recognize again and again through out different comics but those four seem to be the ‘center’.

        Also Lethe comic, Paradox and Grace could be possibilities if they have other comics advertising. Here I’m thinking a kind of recemblance in reader interests because of Kin. I know Kin is a actually dog influenced by magic, but the anthro-ish/not completely human thing are in these comics too.
        Maybe contact them about a link swap.

        OH! And something you could do. Get your comic on dA too. You could do it the way HamletMachine does with Starfighter -having one panel with a message/link to her homepage when a page is up (go check it out if you don’t know). That’s how she started with SF.

        And/or there’s a yaoi-comics club on dA (I follow it). Try contact that and get your comic on that list. I don’t even think you have to be on dA to get your comic on the list if you’re not interested in going on dA.

        Here’s the link: I’m gonna suggest your comic right now on the message board, but more time mentioned will make it more noticed.

        • Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I doubt the advertising with other webcomics will happen tho, I tried doing link exchange with SF and Teahouse before and they just replied they “link friends websites back”, so that’s a no.

          I will definitely try the DA club thing tho. Even tho I own an account, I will have to create a special one for Master! I think… I really don’t know much DA since I really don’t visit. I’ll have to ask a friend who knows better than me :)

          • The link swab was more with Lethe, Paradox and Grace in mind. If they’ll go with it.
            You should definitely go for dA + updating on SJ again.

          • I will definitely update the SJ site. I’ll try the other webcomics as well :)