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  • And now.. will his dad’s reaction be just as happy? He’s sent protection for Sho, but the last family dynamic is yet to be seen.

    • Oh, yes, we’ll see. The past will be uncovered soon enough!

  • Keys2tkingdom


    -ahem- With the surprised screaming out of the way, on to my thoughts on the page: While I am enjoying Sho’s (happy) surprise of his brothers actually having missed him, this familial attiude doesn’t strike me as something that would would cause a Sho’s antisocial attitude. So unless things are really not good with his parents, or there’s something else I’m missing, Sho now seems to get his lone wolf personality from a book of yaoi cliches… But I’ll reserve final judgement until we see the dynamic between Sho and his parents – particularly his father.

    • Hi, yes, I’ve been updating for a while now, I’m glad you are excited :) Thank you for your feedback, I truly appreciate any comments, really. Sadly, since I am updating every week, and since this is a serialized manga (not a comic strip), sometimes the continuity of the story is broken (or delayed in this case). So perhaps in the next pages you will change your mind. Sho is indeed a lone wolf, and yes, his personality is a bit of a cliché (but life is full of clichés, amazingly), however, Sho is also very stupidly stubborn and proud. His past will be explored in the next pages, and hopefully you’ll understand a bit of his behavior. Thanks again for your comment!

  • Laur

    ….I just started this, I’m fangirling so hard…I kinda need more. Honestly, your art style is beautiful! I would kill to be even like you for a moment, and the plotline oh my gosh, amazing. I love Kin and Sho, I ship them so hard. This has got to be my second favourite next to like TeaHouse, and everything. But yes, amazing. You inspire!

  • I miss this comic. Any news on when it will return?

  • ipodpixie

    What has happened? Is this comic dead???

    • Abyssdoor

      Lara is still active (somewhat) at y!gallery, but no trace of work on the comic…


    Wow, two years. I guess I can call this comic dead, haha!

    • Kit the Coyote

      So I fear. Though I’ve seen Lara posting some newer artwork on DA I think but it wasn’t part of Master!. I have my RSS feed monitoring in hopes of its return.