A brief history of my art and comic career

My beginnings as an artist were humble. I specialize in BL art (also known as boys love or yaoi), a genre that I’m very passionate about. At first, I didn’t have a graphic tablet or even a capable computer, but like many, I wanted to draw and publish comic stories.

I first published a short, one-shot comic here in Mexico in 2003 in a monthly publication simply titled “Yaoi.” It was my first attempt to convey emotion and still have a spicy sex scene in only 24 pages. The story was named “Reencuentro”, which means “meeting again” in English. Later, my art was discovered around 2005 by an independent publishing company, DramaQueen. I was lucky to be part of their original yaoi anthology project, “Rush”, with my original story “Master!”

Yaoi #3

My debut in Mexico under UFO editorial group, with the one-shot story “Reencuentro”.

Rush #00 Debut

“Rush” was my debut in the U.S.A. I worked shortly on a story named “Master!”

One page of “Master!” chapter 2, showing the two main characters, Sho and Kin.

After those projects, I continued drawing, posting on my website and social media, independently working on “Master!” and taking on private art commissions. Then, in March, 2017, I found an amazing opportunity…

Rebirth: Familia Usaka

Through a friend, I met a local independent publisher who was looking for more “extreme” content. Familia Usaka had already published more than 10 comic series in various genres ranging from romance to action. At this time, the company was looking to expand to other genres, and so I was glad to have the chance to pitch some stories in the hope of being picked up.

I was hired almost immediately, and Usaka and I chose my original series, “Tango” as our first joint offering. Currently, it’s the best-selling comic in Usaka’s catalog.  I am grateful and proud of my work so far with Familia Usaka, and the opportunities I was granted there continue to open exciting new doors.

In light of “Tango”’s success in Mexico, my work came to the attention of the German BL publisher, Fireangels. It is my pleasure to say that as of December, 2017, “Tango” is also available to read in German.

In the United States, “Tango” is being published to English-speaking audiences by Yaoi-Revolution. They offer both the printed and e-book version. It debuted in mid-July at the San Diego Comic Con 2019!

With a bit of luck, and lots of hard work, I hope to one day realize my dream of being published in Japan!