First of all, thank you for your consideration! I’ve been doing commissions since 2005 and as a professional digital artist one of my main goals is to offer you an enjoyable experience, as well as delivering quality art work.

Standard Prices

Last updated: February 12, 2024

Depending on the style, frame view and the overall complexity of your idea, the price of your commission may vary. I’ll make the final decision of how much I’ll charge for it.

The basic minimum rates includes one character, no (or textured) background, and simple perspective/posing. If you want a second character and/or something more elaborate, the price will change accordingly. Please read the Terms of Service for more information. If you have any other questions, don’t be shy! I’m fluent in both Spanish and English.


Starting at: $80 USD

Black ink drawing, with crosshatching and grayscale shading.

Second character: +50% | Simple background: +$15-30 USD | Extra details: +$15-30 USD

One character bust portrait, simple background.
One character, textured background, extra details (lantern, elaborate clothing).

Starting at: $140 USD

Detailed soft shading with monochromatic color (2 hues). Includes textured background.

Second character: +60% | Simple background: +$15-30 USD | Extra details: +$15-30 USD

One character, from the waist up, texture background.
Two characters, from the waist up, texture background.

Starting at: $160 USD

Simple shading and lighting; includes flat color or simple texture background.

Second character: +60% | Detailed background: +$20-40 | Extra details: +$30-50 USD

Two characters, simple texture background, detailed object.
One character, simple texture background.

Starting at: $180 USD

Complex, more realistic shading and lighting, with simple or detailed background.

Second character: +60% | Detailed background: +$40-60 USD | Extra details: +$40-60 USD

One character, half-body, detailed color background, accessories.
One character, portrait bust, texture color background.


Starting at: $120 USD

Black ink drawing, with crosshatching and flat grey shading. Simple or no background.

Second character: +50% | Simple background: +$15-30 USD | Extra details: +$15-30 USD
Full body: +10%

One character, no background.
Two characters, detailed background.

Starting at: $160 USD

Detailed soft shading with monochromatic color (2 hues). Texture background included.

Second character: +60% | Simple background: +$20-40 USD | Extra details: +$20-40 USD
Full body: +10%

full body mono 2
One character, texture background, extras (scythe, crow)
Two characters, simple background, extras (cyber-limbs)

Starting at: $185 USD

Simple shading with flat color/texture background included.

Second character: +60% | Simple background: +$20-40 USD | Extra details: +$30-50 USD
Full body: +10%

One character, no background, full body.
Two characters, textured background.

Starting at: $200 USD

Detailed, more realistic shading and lighting, with simple (included) or detailed background.

Second character: +60% | Detailed background: +$40-60 USD | Extra details: +$40-60 USD
Full body: +10%

Two characters, detailed color background, extras (military uniform, accessories).
One character, detailed background, extras (pilot uniform, accessories, weapons).

Starting at: $240 USD

The base price is for a drawing of one original character with clean line art and flat colors. Includes 2 full body views (front/back) and one headshot. If more views or headshots, or objects/accessories in detail are wanted, extra fees will be calculated accordingly.

The sheet includes a simple default background and color palette.


  • Additional body view: +$150 USD
  • Additional headshot: +$50 USD
  • Detailed object: +$30-50 USD
Flat color character sheet with 2 full body views, 2 headshots and 1 detailed weapon.

Full Rendered Color: +20%*

*(calculated from total cost after add-ons)

Full rendered color character design, includes 2 full body views, 1 headshot, and hand/paw detail view.
*A character sheet is NOT a full character design. If you would like me to design your character from scratch, please specify that in the contact form/email. The cost will be calculated from the description and references given.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me in any kind of way, you agree to the following terms:

  • Before I can begin working on your commission, I must receive the full price of the commission. If the total cost of your commission will be in excess of $150, you have the option to pay 50% up-front and the remaining 50% of the price once I have completed the work.
  • If you choose to pay in installments as described above, I will not deliver the final artwork to you until the full cost has been paid.
  • For security reasons, all payments must be made via PayPal invoice. If you live in Mexico, payments can be done by bank money transfer or direct deposit.
  • All listed prices are in US dollars (USD).

Detailed descriptions and character bios are very important; they will make it easier for me to understand what you want and allow me to work faster without complications. The end result of this means your drawing will be finished sooner. The more details you can provide, the more accurate I can be.

  • If you want intricate clothing, detailed accessories, complex armor or mechanical elements, special effects or any other details of significance that may not be explicitly reflected in the standard pricing described above, I reserve the right to add, and communicate to you, an extra fee to add these specific details.
  • Under normal circumstances, the maximum number of characters per drawing is two (2) and if you want to include more, please let me know first.

Examples of what I’m willing to draw are, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Humans
  • Kemonomimi (animal-ear characters, other hybrids)
  • Supernatural, Sci-Fi and fantasy themes
  • Light violence and blood
  • BL/Yaoi (smut) content
  • BDSM (bondage, some kinks)
  • Dubious consent
  • Tentacles

I will definitely NOT draw:

  • Fanart
  • Furry
  • Robots / mechas / vehicles
  • Guro/Ero-guro
  • Hetero, transex, intersex, hermaphrodites smut
  • M-preg / omegaverse pregnancy
  • Teratophilia / Zoophilia
  • Anything else I consider “disturbing”

Extra details

The base price doesn’t include any detailed background or other complex add-ons. Here’s a small list of what I consider to be “extra details” and will add to the final price:

  • Clothing. Anything that’s not contemporary/casual, usually fantasy themed clothing, armor pieces or ceremonial/military garments.
  • Accessories. Intricate jewelry, weaponry, mechanical parts and other similar objects.
  • Special effects. Fantasy effects like magic spells, sci-fi effects like lasers, explosions, etc.
  • Anything that requires complex posing and perspective, like action scenes, are considered extra work.

Background types

  • None: Plain white or flat color. Applies to base Black Ink and Monochromatic drawings.
  • Textured: A soft texture background in 1 or 2 hues. Included in Monochromatic and Color drawings.
  • Simple: Low detail interior and exterior backgrounds, for example, bedsheets, plain surfaces or empty rooms. Available for Black Ink and Monochromatic drawings.
  • Detailed: Interior and exterior backgrounds that require extra work, like bedrooms, hallways or landscapes. No other characters should be in the background. Exclusive to Color drawings.

*Character sheet vs. character design

There is a difference. The prices shown in the “character sheet” tab are for OCs that have an established design already (drawings made by other artists or by yourself). I can change/update pieces of clothing or accessories, but this shouldn’t require me to design the looks of the character(s). All I do is draw them in my own style in different views like the examples shown.

A “character design” on the other hand is when no other drawings of them exist and need to be created from zero. This requires a bit more work and research done from my part, and will have a different cost that I’ll calculate depending on the description and references I’m given.


  • All my work is digital, no exceptions. No hard copies will be printed or sent.
  • Full color illustrations will be done at 350dpi. The standard size I work on is A4 (210mm x 297mm), but it can be changed if you need a specific size.
  • The commission will be delivered as a high-resolution flat PSD and medium resolution PNG via Dropbox Transfer. Working, editable files will not be shared.


The commission process usually consists of the following stages:

  1. Sketch
    • Pose and framing
    • Detailed sketch
  2. Lineart
  3. Flat color
  4. Shading and lighting
  5. Final rendering
(1) sketch process
(3) color and shading

I will send a watermarked sample of the sketch for your revision and approval.

  • You may request small changes at the sketching stage, but are limited to two (2).
  • If you want more, an extra $5 USD will be charged for each new revision.
  • I’ll also send watermarked “WIP” images as I deem appropriate so that you can stay up-to-date as to your commission’s status.

*Some of these WIP images will also be shared online in my social media, unless you specify to keep it private.

I usually take between 8 to 24 hours to complete an illustration, depending on:

  • Rendering style and framing.
  • Number of characters.
  • Overall complexity.

This can happen between 5-10 days.

Once I finish the commission, you will receive via Dropbox Transfer:

  • Ahigh-resolution PNG file image
  • A timelapse video (if available)

Working, editable files will not be shared.

  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission jobs due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, an inability to effectively communicate in English or Spanish, or a breach of these Terms of Service.
  • I will refund the full amount of the payment received if I can’t complete the commission for any reason.
  • The client is allowed to cancel the commission before any payment is made with no consequences. However, if payment has been made and the work has been started, no refunds will be made. Disliking the commission or a change of mind will not be considered valid reasons for the issuing of a refund.
  • I, the artist, retain all rights to the commission artwork, which includes, but is not limited to: distribution, reproduction, promotion (e.g. personal website, profiles, digital or physical portfolio, social media pages, etc.) and more.
  • I also retain full copyrights for any preliminary designs/sketches that were not used or finished due to cancellations.
  • You, the client, retain all rights to your original characters, names and designs not created by the artist.
  • You may use the commission artwork for personal online profiles, as well as share it on your social media, giving me full credit for the work, but aren’t allowed to edit, alter or trace it without my consent.
  • You can’t upload the commissioned artwork to any online art gallery communities (e.g. Deviantart, Artstation, Pixiv, etc.) or any contests held in such kind of websites, even if you give me full credit for it. Instead, you can share the link to said artwork when I upload it to my own accounts.
  • You are not allowed to profit from the commission artwork in any way (e.g. prints, book covers, branding) unless you purchase a commercial license.
  • If you would like to request an illustration for commercial use, the price and agreement will be different from the Standard ones. Please request a quote for commercial use in your submission message.


  1. Use the order form to submit your idea.
  2. Explain your project to me in detail (sending references is obligatory). I will then contact you to confirm the final price.
  3. Once the agreement is made, I’ll send a PayPal invoice to the email provided in the form. Cancellations can be done at this stage.
  4. After payment is received, I’ll start working on the piece. A watermarked sample will be sent for your approval. Minimal revisions to the artwork are allowed at this stage.
  5. Once you approve the sketch, I’ll proceed to finish it. If you paid in full, ignore step 6 and 7.
  6. When the artwork is finished, you’ll receive a low resolution, watermarked preview image.
  7. Please send the rest of the payment.
  8. You’ll soon receive an email with the link where you can download the image files; I will not provide the working files.
  9. Enjoy your drawing!

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