“Tango” in English (YES!)

Thanks to Yaoi-Revolution, this is now a reality!

Since 2018 I wanted to publish my BL comic “Tango” also in English. I have a lot of fans of this language from my humble beginnings in 2004, and I want more people from all over the world to read my stories. Thankfully, I was able to find and make a deal with the awesome team of this US based BL and LGBT+ independent publisher, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s the official product description:

New artist Lara Yokoshima from Mexico brings us a sweeping tale of seduction!

Javier Villalobos is an arrogant 18 year-old with an unusual hobby – Ballroom Dance.
When a new dancing teacher arrives on the scene, Javier’s world turns upside-down. Enter Marco Bugatti – an attractive, retired dance teacher. Marco doubts Javier’s talent – testing his skills in the most elegant and seductive way… dancing the Tango!

(8×11 inch gloss color cover, greyscale coated paper interior. 50 pages. 18+)


The pre-orders is still active, but volume one will begin shipping by mid-July. I think there’ll also be an ebook version, just not sure when it’ll be available.

Anyway, please support me by clicking on the link and also checking other titles this publisher has available; it helps both the artist and the whole yaoi fandom!

Hi, I’m Lara Yokoshima

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